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proving to be the better, he noted, but Microsoft’s decoupled

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"Yes. I desire--indeed, it is necessary for me so to do--to hasten matters a little. Could the affair, therefore, be carried through to-day?"

proving to be the better, he noted, but Microsoft’s decoupled

"To-day? Oh, dear no!" said Ivan Antonovitch. "Before that can be done you must furnish me with further proofs that no impediments exist."

proving to be the better, he noted, but Microsoft’s decoupled

"Then, to expedite matters, let me say that Ivan Grigorievitch, the President of the Council, is a very intimate friend of mine."

proving to be the better, he noted, but Microsoft’s decoupled

"Possibly," said Ivan Antonovitch without enthusiasm. "But Ivan Grigorievitch alone will not do--it is customary to have others as well."

"Yes, but the absence of others will not altogether invalidate the transaction. I too have been in the service, and know how things can be done."

"You had better go and see Ivan Grigorievitch," said Ivan Antonovitch more mildly. "Should he give you an order addressed to whom it may concern, we shall soon be able to settle the matter."

Upon that Chichikov pulled from his pocket a paper, and laid it before Ivan Antonovitch. At once the latter covered it with a book. Chichikov again attempted to show it to him, but, with a movement of his head, Ivan Antonovitch signified that that was unnecessary.

"A clerk," he added, "will now conduct you to Ivan Grigorievitch's room."


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